Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pricing, tagging and pinning....oh yeah!

I got up early this morning after having a REALLY hard night sleeping. My left hip is killing me and the pain runs down my left leg, making it very difficult to sleep at night. Bryan was a great help last night....because when he got home from work at 12:00am (midnight) he saw how uncomfortable I was and offered to go buy me some tylenol. I didn't even have to ask him he just wanted to do it. I was so happy. And with in 10 minutes of getting the medication I was finally asleep! YEA!

Oh I was saying....I got up early to got to Walmart (uggg- can't stand this place but they do have really low prices) and buy ink for the printer. I have been busy pricing, tagging and pinning and am almost done! I have 78 items that I am selling so far and I think there is another 30-40 items left to do. I am so excited to almost be done! Now here is hoping that everything sells....because I don't want anything back! I am pricing things really low. Well what I think is cheep. Most everything is $2.00 each but there is a few items that I have gone as high as $4.00 because it is new and never been worn or it is from Children's Place and still in really good condition. But nothing is higher than $4.00. Like I said...I want this stuff to sell, and I don't want any of it back. So wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling bad. Seems the baby must be on a nerve. What a sweet hubby. Good luck at the sale. Wish i was there to get the boy clothes for Aprils Keller.

Anonymous said...

You still have snow? OMG I really have always wanted to live where there is snow.Maye if I did it a year id change my mind. hehe

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