Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Riverfront Park

Today we went to Riverfront Park and enjoyed the rides and some ICEES!

Here is a picture of Bug's creation of flavors.

Bug enjoying his creation.

 Ladybug enjoys her PINK!

One of the rides~ Ladybug was excited she got to control the up and down.

 Bug looks so relaxed in the back

 Ladybug trying to bite Daddy.  He looks amused.
Mini Golf!

IMAX movie.  About LEMURS of Madagascar.

Carousel Horse ride!  She loves them!!!

And ended the HOT day at the Splash Pad area.
Getting Thumbs up from Bug.

Monday, July 07, 2014

My Little Ponys

We have been watching a lot of My Little Ponys this summer.
And this is a picture of the girls just after the make over that Ladybug did on them.
She styled their hair!


Sunday, July 06, 2014


Cloe gets a lot of love from the kids.  And I mean a lot of love.  I think if Cloe would hold still enough Ladybug would put clothes on her.  But since Cloe is a wiggle worm that has yet to happen.

Here is some pictures of Cloe with Ladybug.

Love Cloe!

Ladybug made a fort today...and 

....... Cloe could not help herself.  She had to join Ladybug.

And once Bug saw the cool Fort that Ladybug made he had to join too!

Friday, July 04, 2014


This 4th of July celebration found us at home as a family.  No rode trips or meet ups with friends.  Even though we were not able to meet up with friends we still had an amazing day and evening.  
It actually turned out to be a lot of FUN!  
We had a yummy BBQ that Bryan cooked for us.  
We were off to a local empty parking lot near the baseball stadium when the sun was setting to watch their fireworks show.  But first we got IcE CrEaM Sundays at Mc D!  
When the fireworks started it was joined with much enthusiasm from Ladybug!  
She thought everyone was the prettiest she had ever seen.  

Lots of "OOHS" and "AHHS".

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Summer is going Swimmingly

Way to hot to not pull out the Pool!  Cloe was very excited as well.
All the white powder you see on the pool is baby powder.  When we store it each winter we pack it with baby powder so that it does not crack.  It has worked really well for the past 3 yrs.

The kids are in the pool as it fills to help flatten out the bottom as it fills up.

Pool filled up and enjoying the first swim of the season.

Thumbs up for summer time!

 Swimming and swimming and swimming!

And here is a picture of Cloe sitting in Ladybug's chair.  I could not keep her out of that thing.