Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Miss You Carona

This really is suppose to be just a post with a picture, but I have to explain this picture. While looking for a picture to post for today I realized that today is the 3rd Anniversary of my dear, dear special cat Carona passing away. Back on the morning of April 16th, 2005 we found her in our dinning room, and she had just passed. It was such a sad, sad day, and I had cried so hard.

We knew she was sick, but I was so busy with a new born that I kept hoping that she would get better. She had stopped eating, and was only drinking water. About two weeks before she passed away I noticed that she was making no sound out of her mouth when she meowed. And then I noticed that she was so skinny. When I pet her on her back I felt her spine. But her personality was great and she loved to lay next to Bug when he was doing his blanket, tummy time. In fact, I remember the night before during Bug's Tummy Time she came over to me and wanted me to pet her, and so I brushed her with the cat brush and she was in HEAVEN!

Here is a picture of Carona on April 16th, 1995. It was EASTER and she was out in my back yard sun bathing. She was 3 years old in this picture.
I didn't let her out much to lay in the sun directly because I always feared that she would get skin cancer because she was white.

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Grammy said...

Sweet Sweet Corona... You did good picking her up out of the middle of Corona Road on a rainy day in California...She was meant to be yours and you had her a long long time.

jennbecc said...

I miss Corona too. :( Make sure you give Sid a rub down from me.

Renee' said...

Oh, sorry for you loss Brenda. I've had many cats pass too! May she rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Aww so sad im so sorry. And yes mam you are looking prego!lol

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