Thursday, May 15, 2008

Learning for Little Ones- Talking

Baby Chaser on Stay at Home Mommy has another weekly installment of Learning for Little Ones. This week is on Talking.

Last year at this time my 2 year old son was not talking. He was taking Speech Therapy and things were not improving. He has been taking Speech Therapy since 16 months old, because his birth mother had done drugs during her pregnancy and the pediatrician was worried that he was not talking yet. Comprehension was a concern too. He did have tubes put into his ears at 11 months because of several ear infections and I think that for the first 11 months of his life he probably didn't hear to much and it was just going to take some time to get him up to base.

In July of last year we switched Therapist and I also purchased the DVD- Letter Factory from Leap Frog. Several mothers whom I had spoken too and swore by it and I thought it would not hurt to give it a try. Every day we would watch the 30 minute video, and some days more than once because my son requested to see it again. HE LOVED IT! With in a week he was making the sounds for each letter. He was clearly saying Ball, Bubble, and Bye-Bye. It was amazing!

He know is talking REALLY good, reading 5 or more letter words, and books (1st grade readers).

Reading is whole other thing I would love to share with you all...but at another time. Looking back I didn't realize that some of the things I was doing with him was helping him with his pre-reading and reading skills. One thing I just have to mention- if you have "Close Caption" on your TV, set it up so that it is on with the TV Shows. We just realized that Bug was seeing the words on the bottom of the screen and hearing the words and we really think this has helped him to start reading at such a young age.

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