Saturday, May 17, 2008

New skill?

Bug has been starting to get really good about taking his shirt and pants off. He is 3 years old and we have been working on this skill but he has found it very difficult to develop the skill of pulling his arms through the sleeves of the shirts and also getting a grip on the waist band of his pants to pull them down or up. But just in the past two days he has really gotten good at stripping! LOL

Last Thursday I was folding clothes in the living room and heard him back in the kitchen / bathroom area talking. He then came up to me with his shirt in his hand and smiling. He said, "How do I look?" shirt off and happy as could be at what he was able to do all by himself. I replied, "You took your shirt off all by your self!" Since it was warm I didn't demand him to put the shirt back on, and just let him run around with his pants on. As I was heading to the kitchen to put some towels away in the drawer, I came around the corner and found Bug pulling his pants down. He was so fast at it. Then he ran to the bathroom saying, "I want to take a bath! Please, Please, Please!" I laughed and then told him he could take a bath if he wanted to, but he needed to take off his diaper too. He quickly got to work getting that thing off too, and dumped it into the garbage can. He climbed into the tub with my help and then I turned on the water. And it was BATH TIME!

Meanwhile I was picking up the kitchen - washing dishes, and putting dishes away from the dish washer. My friend Kristi called and I was talking to her on the phone. Next thing I new, Bug was standing next to me in the kitchen all wet. Then he was off- running around the house NAKED! And then he stood at the screen door so that the whole neighborhood could see him. I was so embarrassed. I guess I should be grateful that he doesn't know how to open the screen door yet, or he would have been on the front porch in all his glory, or even worse, running on the side walk streaking! LOL

I got him dried off and dressed but this was short lived. About an hour later I found the kid naked once again, in the tub turning on the bathtub water!!! "I want to take a bath!" he said to me with his cheesy grin! I once again giggled, because I am glad that he has learned how to take his clothes off- this has been an on-going battle. He wants us to do it all for him, and he really needs to learn to do this on his own. He is not a baby anymore. So it was bath time (again!)

I have to add this information at this point- this is the same child who cries at the end of the day when we tell him that it is bath time because he knows that it will soon be bed time afterwards. It was so strange that he wanted to take two baths in the middle of the day.

The rest of the day he managed to keep his clothes on most of the time. LOL

Friday I had my massage appointment and Bryan was home watching Bug while I was out. When I got home I was greeted by a NAKED KID at my SCREEN DOOR, "HI MOMMY!" he smiled and said to me really loud as he saw me walking up the steps to the porch. Bryan said to me, "Your son will not keep his clothes on!!!" Bryan had to go to work shortly after I got home and I couldn't seem to convince Bug to put on a shirt and shorts, so he spent the day in a diaper. I was so tired when I got home that I laid down on the couch and dosed off for maybe 5 minutes and that little stinker was naked again!!! I heard him dropping his animal toys into the tub and that is what woke me up. "I want a bath!!!!" he told me. I managed to convince him that we would take a bath later, and got a new diaper on him and only had to tell him like 20 times to keep the diaper ON!!! LOL

Saturday morning, he was up at 5:30am!!! OUCH!!! The sun has been waking him up, and he just doesn't want to be quite. He comes into our bedroom- slamming the door (old house and the doors are hard to close quietly if you are short and have a tough time with the door handles) and then runs to my side of the bed, "MOMMY! Wake up!!!" Bryan took care of the discipline for me this morning, and managed to get Bug set up in the living room with a cartoon to keep him busy for 30 minutes. Then Bug was back in the bedroom on my side of the bed, but this time, he was NAKED! "I would like a bath mommy. Please, Please, Please." I got up and followed him into the bathroom. His jammies were sitting on the toilet, and his diaper was once again in the garbage, and there was a pee pee puddle in the middle of the bathroom floor. He climbed into the tub, as I tried to wake up and take care of cleaning up the surprise. I sat on the toilet seat, trying to wake up, rubbing my eyes, and Bug started to say "Peek-A-Bo!" and putting his hands over his eyes. Thinking I was playing. I was just tired, but I could help but smile back at him because he was really cute, but I was so tired!!!!

I am proud of him, for undressing himself, and getting more independent. It really is a great thing. I am also very proud of him coming to get me to start the tub water this morning, instead of just turning it on by himself and me finding WATER all over the place. BUT....I am TIRED!!!!!

I was at a loss this morning on whether I should be happy for him or angry towards his behavior.


Every single day is something new. It is exhausting, but I would never change a thing!!!

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jennbecc said...

So funny! I'm gonna have two naked streakers! OMG!!!

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