Thursday, September 11, 2008

Busy Wednesday..

Yesterday was a very busy day. As I sat down the night before to review what the agenda held for the next day I was worried if I would have enough energy to get everything done.

First off, Bug had his second Occupational Therapy (OT) session at St. Luke's at 8:45am. It has become very difficult to get up and ready and out the door that early. I wounder why??? *smiles* Would not have to do with the fact that I am up all night with a nursing baby would it???

We got to his appointment right on time and when the Therapist came out to meet us Bug went right in the room with her all by him self. He didn't need me in the room or Daddy either. Bryan went to the grocery store and I stayed in the waiting room just in case the Therapist needed my help with Bug but he did GREAT all by him self. I peeked in the window a couple times to see how he was doing and he was working wonderfully with her.

The Therapist told us that she was trying to get him to work on some puzzles and he didn't want to do them. He told her, "I don't want to do puzzles. They are not necessary." She was shocked that he used that word. He has been picking up new words all the time lately. He has been watching the new show on PBS Kids called "Martha Speaks".

After OT we went to WIC to have Bug's 3 month check up. He weights 39 pounds, and is 38 inches tall. He did so good during this appointment too. Usually he cries when we have to go in to see the nutritionist, but he ran into her room and did so great. Bug really has grown up so much the past few weeks.

We then headed out to a park to allow Bug to burn off some steam. He has been playing so well with other children lately. It makes me happy and proud of him.

Bryan needed to work on some home work so we headed home and allowed him to get some school work done. Bug, Lady Bug and I spent the time watching some TV and hanging out together upstairs.

Then at 2:30pm I had to head to my Coumadin (anti-coagulation) Clinic to have my clotting levels checked. I was seen right away and my number was 2.3!!! I was so happy. It means things are going well. So now I can wait a week to go back in to check my blood clotting levels. I continue to take the 5 mg of Coumadin daily.

After this appointment I drove over to Dr. Lund's Office (Hematologist) and met with him to discuss the time frame for treatment. He said that he wanted me to continue the coumadin for 6 months, continue to go to the Clinic to be tested, and in 6 months I would meet with him again. At that time he would stop my coumadin and then two weeks do some blood testing to see what might have caused this to happen.

I had mentioned that my sister had been diagnosed with Protein S deficiency. I had been tested for this at the beginning of my pregnancy and the tests said that my levels (of what I am not sure) were normal, and that I didn't have the condition. But I guess now that the Hematologist has looked at the results he said that yes, the numbers were normal but on the low side of normal, and during pregnancy they get lower and lower for all woman and since mine were already low normal, it dropped them well below NORMAL at the end of my pregnancy.

Anyway, I am feeling happy that things are going well with my treatment. Now I just need to figure out why my upper back is killing me all the time. Also my C-Section scare hurts all the time, *sad*. I really am doing so much better and my complaints on pain are normal right now.

Oh, and I just got some more GREAT NEWS!!! The mail just came and it looks like the birth and the hospital stay for the blood clots is being covered completely by my insurance! How nice is that!!!!!!
Whoooo Hoooo!
We have amazing insurance. What a relief. Extra Hospital Bills was the last thing we needed to worry about.

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jennbecc said...

Great news about the hospital bill. I was so happy that I only had to pay a daily copay for the 10 days I was in there. If that wasn't covered we'd have been in trouble! Glad that you are continuing to heal and that your clotting levels are good. We'll see you soon! :)

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I don't want to sound annoying, but, with my 4th baby my back hurt a lot, from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I realized that it was how I was holding the baby when I nursed her. I would lay her across my lap and hunch down so she could nurse. I started using my bopy pillow and some extras and that seemed to help.

You probably already thought of that. :)

I am so happy that things are looking up for you.

Cindy said...

glad to hear things are going well. I hope you keep on healing. The back pain might be due to the spinal/epidural during labor and then c-section. I know my lower back was what gave me the worst pain when I was healing. Each day gets better doesn't it. Glad to hear Spencer is doing so well with such a huge change in his life with becoming a big brother

Renee' H said...

You sound like you are indeed feeling better and that is nice to hear. I can't imagine how scary the whole situation was to go through. It's not enough that you had to have the emergency c-section (me too with #1-then regular c-section with #2) to have to have that scare too. I'm so glad that Bug is adjusting well to a new Lady Bug in the house. You can sure tell that he's growing up. Jealously issues are not fun to go through. Hope things start to get even better for you. Keep in touch.

Becky said...

So glad to see that you are surviving! You are doing GREAT!! Even though you have had some ins and outs - - you seem to be adjusting well. For me the first couple of weeks after a baby is born, no actually, the first month is this foggy blur (until the baby would at least sleep between night feedings)- -who knows what was else was really going on. With Lillian I also suffered a mild case of post partum depression - - basically just enough to make me feel sort of blah about everything, and unmotivated. Hopefully you are doing good in that arena. If not- give me a call!

Your little lady bug is ADORABLE!!! I am so happy for you. Hopefully she will start sleeping more at night soon and give you a break.

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