Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dentist Visit

Bug went to the dentist this morning for his 6 month check up. He had no cavities but we do need to work on getting those molars cleaned better on the bottom. He did such a great job with the Assistant who cleaned his teeth. He is growing up! And when the dentist finally came to check his teeth he didn't freak at all with him. He kept his mouth open and cooperated very well. *smiles* Since he was so good he got to pick a sticker out of the sticker basket. He chose a Halloween one, that had several small stickers on it. He proceeded to take each sticker off and put them on his new shirt. It was funny to watch him pull each tiny sticker off and place it carefully on his shirt.
I wish I had brought my camera to take a few pictures of him at the dentist, but I forgot.

4 jittering comments:

jennbecc said...

Yeah Bug! Good job! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad he did so know he is the big brother now =)

Renee' Pendergrass said...

Gotta love the dentist. We had to hold Dom down this summer for his first checkup. Glad Bug handled it good!

Jennie said...

what a big boy! good job bug!

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