Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guest Bloger in photos

Bug here! I got a hold of Mommy's camera again. Well, actually, Daddy was using it to take a few pictures to post items on Craig's List and I begged to play with it afterwards.

I have to say I am a really good picture taker. I love taking pictures. I giggle and giggle as I run around snapping the camera. I do need to work on keeping my fingers away from the lens. I lost some really good shots because my fingers were in the pictures.

Oh, and Mommy and Daddy could not figure out what the last picture was for the longest time.
Do you guys have a guess???

Can you guess what this was a picture of?
Yep! Grammy and Auntie Jen are both right. It took Bryan and me a while to figure it out.

3 jittering comments:

Grammy said...

it's a knob on the pellet stove *smiles*

I love the pictures...best one looking out the screen door. Very unique!

jennbecc said...

I was going to guess the knob on the pellet stove too....are we right?

Andrea said...

Cute photos.

It's always fun to see things from their perspective.

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