Thursday, September 18, 2008


Bryan was pulling out veggies to put in his juicer for breakfast, and Bug came running into the kitchen. "I want to help!!!!" Bryan said sure, and handed him a green pepper from the fridge and asked him to put it on the counter. Instead Bug took a bite out of the pepper. And he didn't stop there. He took several bites!

This kid LOVES Veggies. Well most of them. Just wish that I could get him to sit down and eat lunch or dinner like everyone else. And getting a bit more protein in his diet would not be so bad. But I am glad that he likes most veggies (raw ones).

4 jittering comments:

jennbecc said...

*kAcK!* Remind me to never eat anything that Bug cooks! I like my food without green peppers!

Anonymous said...

To cute...nothing better than a good pepper. Bug knows what he is doing =0

Andrea said...

that's awesome.

Stephani said...

um, yum?....At least he eats what's good for him, maybe we should get together and he can teach my kids some lessons. ;)

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