Saturday, November 01, 2008

Thankful Day 1

Got this idea from my blogging friend Andrea.

Thankful for traditions.

Some traditions have been started on purpose, and others evolve all on their own.

One of my families most memorable tradition started back when I was attending Santa Rosa Junior College and was working at the Anatomy Lab. My boss told me about a family game that her family would do on the first day of each month. It was called, "Rabbit, Rabbit". I actually heard her say it over the phone one day at work. She was talking to her husband and when she got off the phone I asked her why she said it. She told me that her family had this game growing up. The first person in her family to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" at the kitchen table on the first day of the month would have good luck the rest of the month. I thought it was funny. I mentioned it to my friend Tricia.

The next month Tricia said, "Rabbit, Rabbit" to me when I climbed into her car that first day of the month. I realized she wanted to play this game too. The next month I got her, and my sister heard us playing this game, and then it evolved! My sister joined in the game, then my parents, and now even my husband plays the game!

Our rules are a bit different that my bosses, and we have created our own fun with it.

I have tons of other traditions, but this one seems to be the one that really has a life of its own.

3 jittering comments:

jennbecc said... didn't officially say Rabbit, Rabbit so I am....RABBIT, RABBIT!!

Andrea said...

That's so fun.
I'm going to try it.

Jennie said...

how cool!

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