Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thankful Day 15

I am thankful for kid shows.
Educational shows that is.
Bug learned how to do sign language by watching Signing Time, and he also learned his alphabet by watching The Letter Factory.
And come to think of it, he learned how to count to 20 by watching Richard Scary's Best Counting Video Ever.
They kept his attention and he learned something in the process.
Plus, it gave me a few minutes to get some chores done.

2 jittering comments:

Andrea said...

I think I heard about the letter factory from you way back. Got if from the library and the kids loved it. We bought it for christmas last year. Great one! Kind of sad yet good how much they learn from tv and computer. Wish it was me teaching them all of it..

jennbecc said...

I'll have to check out Letter Factory. Jake is doing really good at counting to's practically all he ever says....*L*

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