Thursday, December 18, 2008


It has taken me so long to get this video up on the blog. Bryan was not able to get the van to go so he called work and told them he could not make it to work. But I am still angry that they would tell him to come in, when he would just be sitting around at the Bus Barn doing nothing.

Bryan talked to a friend he works with and they made him come into work and when he arrived they had him sitting around. The Spokane Police Department told STA (Spokane Transit Authority) that no more buses are allowed out on the roads.


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Andrea said...

That's crazy that he'd have to go to work to sit around. dumb.
Love the guy skiing by. hilarious.
That's a lot of snow!

jennbecc said... that guy skiing funny! I'm glad I live in CA...sorry. I hope you guys get a break soon!

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