Monday, December 22, 2008

Dancing and Singing

I came across a CD that I had made of music, but didn't know what was on it. I put it in the DVD player and the music started up. Bug came running into the living room to dance! It was just to cute, I could not help but video tape him.

Also, on Sunday was the Christmas Sacrament. Many people sang, and played musical instruments. We were not sure if we could make it because of the snow, and Bug having a cold, but the night before we decided we wanted to give it a try. Bryan came home when his break started and picked me and the kids up. I am so glad he drove because the roads are still REALLY bad. The Primary Children got to sing a song for everyone. And since Bug is now in Primary (he joined early) he was able to join all the other children and sing. We had been practing the song every day at home. We used the Church Interactive Music player and Bug got really good at singing the song. It was the song "Stars were Gleaming." I would find him from time to time singing the song all by himself. So on Sunday, when the Primary Children were asked to go up front in the Chapel he happily joined them. He got to stand in the front row. He was shy at first, but once the piano started playing and the Music Leader started singing, he was SINGING his heart out. It was sooooooooo cute. I am sure my face was beaming, from the huge smile. I was just so proud of him. He was looking at us smiling as he sang too. I got to thinking I wish I had my camera to document this special moment, his first Church Performance when all of a sudden everyone heard above the song, "Why don't you take a Picture Mommy?" I cracked up laughing. Everyone heard it! It was so funny!

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How cute! I'm glad you were able to make it for this moment!

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