Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lady Bug is 5 Months Old!

Lady Bug turned 5 Months old on Friday! I went and took her to get her pictures taken again at Kiddie Kandids and she once again had a blast! The ladies who work there get so excited when they see us coming. *smiles*
Some of the things that Lady Bug is now doing:
1. Grabbing her feet all the time. Sucking on her toes! Makes it difficult to change her diapers!
2. Rolling from her back to her tummy to her back again.
3. Has the cutest laugh.
4. Blows Raspberries all the time!
5. Got her first cold. Runny nose~ but she has been HAPPY anyway! *the pictures above she had a runny nose in between pictures*
6. Teething really badly.
7. Loves her baby sitter as much as her brother does, and giggles when walks through the door.
8. Offically is wearing 6months clothes not because of the weight issue or being chunky but because she is LONG!
9. Loves to watch Signing Time (volume 1). Smiles and laughs at the kids on the screen.
10. Loves to chase her brother around to play tag. She has Mommy's help right now getting around but she will be doing it on her own soon enough. I hope that Bug will still think it is fun.
Another Month gone! She is growing up so quick. I am loving it!!!

7 jittering comments:

Renee' P said...

I love the pics! How much did you pay for the pics and CD?

Andrea said...

those are great photos!

Stephani said...

Oh, I absolutely love that last one, what a cute little girl you have! I'm sure you know that ;).

Alyson said...

These pics turned out too cute. I love the dress she has on in the 1st pic and the Angel pic is adorable. Got to love kiddie Kandids.

jennbecc said...

Those pictures are great! She's so cute! :)

MaryRuth said...

cute pics!

Becky said...

Great pictures- she is soo adorable! THis is a fun age, isn't it.

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