Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pre-School Artist 2

Bug has been a drawing fool. I mean CRAZY! He is drawing all the time. And because of this his fine motor skills are improveing every day. His people drawings are changing too. Now the potatoe people have dots for eyes instead of circles and dots.
I asked him who this was a picture of and his reply was, "Mommy!" Got to love that hair. I don't know what those two purple things under my arms are, but all I can say is I hope he is not trying to tell me I need to shave my underarms. LOL.

4 jittering comments:

jennbecc said...

Cute!! But you better make sure those pits are always shaved just to be sure! *L*

Christensen family said...

What a cute picture. He is getting quite creative isn't he!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

So cute! I wish my little guy would color, but he has no interest. Some day!

Andrea said...

love drawings

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