Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hello all;

Brenda has graciously allowed me hijack her blog to ask all our family and friends for job leads for me. I have officially graduated from Walden University with my Masters in Public Administration. My brother Derek has been a great help and a huge resource in generating potential job leads for me. Here are some of the jobs I have applied for in his company:

Contracts Administrator

Project Specialist

Price Specialist


Provisioning Analyst

These are entry level jobs, spread all over the country. So, as you can guess we will move for the right opportunity. I am excited to begin my career and I am looking forward to the challenges offered by the right one. We are both excited by the potential and opportunities which lie in the future. So thank you all in advance for any help you can offer us/me. If you know of any potential openings I can be reached at or you can call our home number. Please check out my LinkedIn profile or I will be more than happy to send a copy of my resume so you can peruse it and determine if I would be a good match.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. What an achievement. I'll keep my ears open. john

jennbecc said...

I'll keep my ears open too! Good luck!:)

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