Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can't keep up

Bug has been surprising me almost daily with the things he can do. When I think I have figured him out he goes and changes on me. I guess to keep me on my toes???

We have been working on letter writing for quite a while but I have been trying really hard to work on a new letter each week. Some weeks are better than others. Bug got a Kumon book from his Grandpa T. for Christmas and it has helped me to sit down and work with him on tracing letters. The book is for capital letters and starts with all the letters with straight lines, and then goes to diagonal lines and then curves. We have just started the diagonal lines recently, but I guess I need to move a bit faster with these lessons, because Bug is already trying to do the curved line letters as well as the lower case letters. He is just to fast.
See he wrote lAmB (lamb) at the bottom! I just verbally said the letters to him and this is what he created!
He is even working on numbers as well. He just looks as the letters and tries to write them. Some of his renditions are really cute.

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Andrea said...

That's awesome. It's always amazing what these little ones pick up.
Sounds like he's keeping you on your toes.

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