Friday, March 27, 2009

Tube Removal

Bug had to go under anesthesia this morning to have the tubes in his ears removed.
I was a nervous wreck thinking about him all night long. I didn't sleep well, fearful that I would sleep in and we would miss the appointment or that something would happen to him while they gave him the anesthesia and I would not see him again. I know, I tend to over worry, but it is my right as his mommy. I love him. Even though he drives me crazy.

I woke him up this morning at 6:45am and got his tennis shoes on and jacket. We took "Jenny" his lovie, and we gave Dad a kiss goodbye. Driving over to the doctor's office for the procedure Bug asked me where we were going. I told him that his ear doctor needed to look in his ears and that he would get to go to sleep for a little bit and then when he woke up he would get a Popsicle. He liked that idea.

We arrived and despite the fact that we had to wait in the "waiting room" for 45 minutes once we got to the back and I got him prepped for he procedure (i.e. gown that ties in the back and some really cool green fuzzy socks with Monster Truck Treads on them) it went really quickly. We sat and read a Spider man book before he was called back. He took Jenny with him and he gave me a hug and kiss and he took the hand of the nurse. He was gone down the hall. I had to wait out in the waiting room. It was soooo quick. The doctor was coming out and telling me how Bug did. I got to go back into recovery and he was crying and a nurse was holding him. He was really glad to see me. The crying only continued a bit longer, but then the whining started. And the melt downs and such. But I am so use to it by now. I have to be. Right?

We were gone a total of 2 hours and have just been trying to take it easy most of the day.
Now I just need to keep an eye on any complications. It is looking good so far but I am the mom and I know I will be looking at my son like a hawk for a few days.

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jennbecc said...

Hope Bug is feeling ok after his procedure. Did he ever get his Popsicle? *L*

Brunabug said...

Yep he got his Popsicle-Orange flavor, but it was not on a stick and that set him off. MELT DOWN CITY! He finally gave in and ate it. But when we got home he had to have another one of ours (on a stick). CRAZY!!!

Stephani said...

I can relate to the mommy worries. Isaac had surgery on his eyes about two years ago, and I was such a wreck. I had to keep telling myself it was a simple procedure with little chance of anything going wrong, but I still cried when I let them take him back just because he had to go through it. It was over quick too and went well, but oh the way love ties to worry right?...
I'm glad Bug's doing well, I've heard that can be such a beneficial procedure for kids who need it. :)

jennbecc said...

So was it an otter pop? Kids are weird! I can see Zack doing this. He's very particular! *L*

Brunabug said...

It was not an offical otter pop, but just like one. He has eatten otter pops all the time until just recently when I bought some popciles that have sticks on them. He was fine eating the "want to be" otter pop when all of a sudden he starts crying and saying "Stick!" I finally figured out he wanted a stick on his popcile. DRAMA!!! But hey he did just wake up from anthesisa.

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