Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On the road again.

Didn't get much sleep last night. It is hard sleeping in a Queen box spring bed when you are use to a King Select Comfort bed. Bryan's wiggling kept me up all night. Kids did well sleeping. It was a callange to get them to fall asleep.

We got on the road at 6:30am. Donuts from the local Safeway gave us the push we needed. I started off in the back seat with the kids but soon got motion sickness, and had to drive the rest of the way. I am proud of myself for driving in Sacramento area, and then in the Bay Area. People drive FAST, and there is like 10 lanes of freeway (One way) Over exagerating I am sure but it is still very different from what I am use to. But I did great, and got us to our hotel by 2:30pm. We checked in and got to jump into the pool. Bug had a blast with Daddy! Ladybug cried because it was to cold for her.

We then headed over to Bryan's brother's house for a BBQ dinner. The kids got to play while we all talked. I unfortuantly, didn't get to talk much because I had to keep an eye on Bug. He did well but got a bit overly aggressive a couple of times. I got some cute pictures of the kids and hope to post them either later during my trip or when it is done.

So it is now 9:30pm and the kids are finally asleep. Hotel room is very very small. Here is to hoping I can get some sleep tonight. I need it.

We have a fun filled day tomorrow with playing and hanging out with Bryan's Family. I hope I will be able to report back tomorrow.

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Andrea said...

Hope you get some good sleep.
And have a relaxing time visiting!

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