Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It is Offical...

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It is official, I have a child that has been tested for food allergies and some came back positive. Bug is allergic to Egg and Wheat. I have had a very very very strong feeling that he has had an Egg Allergy, but every time I mention it to a doctor (even to the allergy doctor before the testing was done) they say that my reasons and observations are probably incorrect. Bug went to see the Allergy Doctor today and got 30+ pricks on his back today as well as a Sweat Test to rule out Cystic Fibrosis, and he doesn't have that. Several of the pricks came back positive. Cat, dog, grass, mold, where some of them, as well as the two mentioned above. Egg being the biggest reaction.

The first time I saw a reaction with him to exposure to eggs was when he was just under a year old. I was down visiting my family in California. My mother gave Bug a taste of French Toast. His mouth broke out with a red rash shortly afterwards. I figured it was from the syrup, and since they didn't last very long I didn't worry about it.

The second time he had a reaction was when he had his MMR Vaccine at 15months. He was fine and had no problems until about a week later. We were coming home from a play date at a local fast food restaurant with a play area, when I noticed he had some red spots on his cheeks. Bug was pulling the straw out of his juice box and had rubbed it on his cheek. He had big welts form soon afterwards that then turned white. After about 15-20minutes later they would be gone. Each time he would touch his face they would show up. I called his pediations office, not sure what was going on. The nurse reminded me that he had that MMR vaccine the week earlier and that he might be having a reaction to it. She didn't mention eggs at all. She told me to use Benadryl and that it could take up to two weeks for them to go away. She was correct with the two weeks. I went to church that following Sunday and one of the ladies at church noticed Bug's hives, and asked me if he had gotten his MMR vaccine recently, and I replyed yes. That I was told by the nurse at his pediatrician's office that he was having a slight reaction. She said her daughter from China had the same thing happen to her, and that it was caused by the egg that the MMR Vaccine is cultured in. It was at this moment that I remembered the reaction that Bug had when he ate that French Toast, and realized it seemed a bit similar.

So for the past 3 years I have felt that Bug has had an egg allergy but have not been able to prove it. The kid will NOT eat eggs. He refuses them, and treats them like the plague. He also stays away from cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and similar stuff. I just assumed it was a texture issue. He does tend to want to eat crunchy foods, such as apples, carrots, lettuce, corn chips, and such. I am realizing that he might have realized that these foods made him feel bad. I am going to be doing a ton of research to find out more about Wheat Allergies. And see how I can keep them out of his diet. He might be having the behavior issues because of the wheat issue. It just might be making him feel yucky so then he becomes aggressive because he doesn't feel good. We will see. I have much to learn about this all.

I am glad though to finally get a positive answer to the egg allergy issue. Since the MMR Vaccine is cultured in chicken embryo cell culture, when he has his next vaccine we will have to come up with an alternative. I have read a bit on line about what to do and every place it states that the egg should not affect the child. But I am not going to take any chances. You should have seen that reaction on his back today! CRAZY! I wish I had my camera to have taken pictures. I hope to have more information to share in the days and months a head.

I have just begun a new journey. Want to join me on this crazy ride?


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MaryRuth said...

Sorry to hear about all the allergy problems!

Kristen said...

Yikes, that's kind of scary! Mothers intuition is usually right though. I'm glad you know for sure now and can adjust accordingly. (((HUGS)))

Renee' P said...

Wow, I'm so glad that you have a confirming diagnosis! Poor Bug.
Hope you can find a way to make his life a lot easier, food wise.

Mikaela said...

Don't you feel so frustrated sometimes when doctors just disregard you? I know I do! I can't wait to hear what happens when you figure out other alternatives for wheat. I've wondered if going on special diets would help McKay as well, and I would love to hear anything on your findings. I'm glad you finally got it all tested, though.

Stephani said...

Wow, that is crazy, and good to know. I'm glad you shared, gets me thinking about having a few of my kiddos checked. I hate that too when the doctors don't listen, sometimes us moms just know things ya know?

Becky said...

I am so far behind on reading blogs - - sorry. Anyway- sorry to hear about the allergies, but at the same time now you know! Isn't it amazing how kids just naturally don't like the things that they are allergic to - - like my dad who has a milk allergy. He HATED milk as a kid but was forced to drink it. Anyway- my mother in law is on a gluten free diet (which includes wheat), and I wanted to find a dessert recipe she could have and found some on all-recipes.com. You might be able to find some good things on there. Good luck with everything!

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