Saturday, May 09, 2009

More Vacation Pictures

Ladybug and Grandpa N. enjoying the sun at the park.

Ladybug and Oma enjoying walking around the park.

The ball pit at the JUNGLE!!!!
"I love the ball pit!"

Ladybug enjoys the ball bit too.

Bug inside a huge tire at the San Jose Discovery Museum.

Bug and cousin M playing in the Toddler area. Sand!

Hard to tell in this picture, but it was the self face painting room.
Quick story: Bug had wanted to do the face painting when we first arrived but it was closed for clean up and stocking. When we were getting ready to head out we passed by and saw they were open. Bryan went to look for Geoff and his kids to let them know we were heading out. I let Bug go inside the room because it said no strollers aloud. I thought there were people doing the facepainting and that bug would come out with this really cute picture on his cheek. I waited for him and waited for him and then I got nervous, so I headed in with the stroller. That is when I realized it was a self face painting room. The kids did all the painting themselves, and Bug was having a blast. I snaped a few pictures but the mirror captured the flash from the camera.

Ladybug clapping for the first time. We were waiting for Bug to get his chest X-rays taken when we had to go to the Urgent Care for his breathing issues.

Lemos Farms!

Bug riding his first pony!

Bug feeding the goats. He didn't like it to much.

Bug and Daddy being cowboys and cowgirls.

Bug with Oma and Grandpa.

We are ready to ride the Ghost Train.

The Ghost Train ride.
See Ladybug clapping in the back ground.
Bug looks a bit worried.

Oma and Ladybug.

More face painting. But this time by a professional.
Bryan told Bug he could pick any picture he wanted and
he picked the skull with a spider on it.

The lady even put one on his hand so that he could
see what the one on his forhead looked like.
More pictures to come.


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