Friday, June 12, 2009

Free is Good (part 1- Summertime Activites)

With school quickly coming to an end for the summer I have been busy looking for activities for Bug to do that will not cost us an arm and a leg for him to do. And free is even better.

I wanted to share what I was able to find.

Free Movies! Two of the local movie theaters in our area offer free movies during the summer. They are all previously played movies and are only offered at one time during the week, but it is still a great deal. Bug loves going to the movies with Daddy. He would want to go every single day if we let him.

Regal cinemas (by the Valley Mall, 14760 E. Indiana Ave) has a FREE Family Film Festival during the summer. For more info, visit Here.

Also the Garland Theater. For more info, visit Here.

A few of the movies Bug and his Daddy might see this summer are:
Pirtes Who don't Do Anything: Veggie Tales Movie (G)
Horton Hears A Who (G)
Kung Fu Panda (PG)
Everyone's Hero (G)
Igor (G)
Curious George (G)
Space Chimps (G)
Marley & Me (PG)

Stay tuned for more post for free summer time activites.

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Renee' P said...

Fun! I bet he'll love that! Movies are always fun. We've never taken Bug to one yet. We are waiting until he's a little older.

Nan said...

Hi there. I found you after you left on comment on my guest post on the rhouse blog. I just wanted to thank you for your kind words. My brother and sister-in-law also have not been able to keep in touch with their children's birthparents, but we still love them. And they hope some day those lines of communication will open again. Thanks again for you comment.

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