Monday, June 01, 2009

New things....

Church yesterday went well. The building is just down the street from our home, so we all got to walk to church. It was hard coming home up the hill (really not that steep- but it was so warm that it was difficult for us all. Well mostly Bug who wanted to ride in his old stroller that Ladybug is using now).

I got to tell you my friends who are members of the LDS Church, I have NEVER in my life ever experienced such a quite Family Ward. You could hear a pin drop. In fact I am sure every single person in the chaple heard Bug's rantings when a couple sat down on the same row as we were. He got very loud. I remember thinking that he was so loud at Manito Ward, but ladies (and gents) that was nothing. It being so quite in the Franklin Park Ward made Bug's behavior all the more embarrasing. And to top it off while I was out in the hall with him I heard Ladybug crying too, and when I came around the corner and saw Bryan with her, he told me that she hit her head on the pew and screamed. He said that every single person turned to look at him and gave him the look like "TAKE HER OUT!!!" It didn't get any better during R.S./Presthood meetings. She was the only child in the room. Honestly, I have no idea where all the other children where. I am sure she is not the only child not old enough to go into the nursery.

Besides the ward being so quite, I would have to say that the people are nice. We had several people come up to us to say hi and ask us if we were just visiting or if we had moved into the ward. Bug really liked Primary, and got up and read the 6th Article of Faith in Primary. So he had a good time. Hope that continues.


We are working on the food allergy issues. Slowly I am reading all that I can on Wheat allergies. I am seeing some improvement on his behavior but it could just be because he is going to school, or that he is taking his asthma medication. I am not totally sure.


School continues to be a great source of enjoyment for Bug. He has been waking up in the morning asking when it is time to go to school. And he rambles on about what they did in class when he comes home for the day. I have noticed some improvement with his attitude towards me and around other children.

I have to add before I close that I LOVE opening his back pack up when we get home and fining all the fun stuff he has been working on. Today I found a piece of paper that had his teachers writing on it that had Bug's name and two other children's names spelled really silly, and a note off to the side saying that they created new silly names for each other. I asked Bug the kids real names and he told me and it was nice to see he has made some friends.

Oh and one more thing....the broken frige that has been sitting in my back yard for the past two weeks is finally gone! Whooo HoOOOo! The land lord finally came by and picked it up! Also a truck that said, "Got Junk?" came by today to take a look at the storage unit that collapsed last winter because of the snow fall we got. He will be giving the land lord an estimate on removal of it. * special note * it was to be gone before we moved in and now has been 4 weeks of me calling every day M-F asking when it will be removed. The guy is hoping that it he will be by on Wednesday to remove it! Once this is gone, all I have to bug the land lord about is the two broken windows down in the basement.

Ahhhh the joys of renting! But I am going to make this house feel like a home. One step at a time.


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Mikaela said...

Does your new ward have a lot of older members? I just wonder if that's why it's so quiet. I think it's good you moved in to shake things up a little. Don't worry about people staring, they'd stare if you sneezed, too!
I'm glad that your kiddo's loving school. It is so beneficial for them, imo!

Andrea said...

Glad your fridge is gone. Yipee.
Maybe all the kids were away at church?
I admire you working so hard at finding out about food allergies. Interesting stuff.

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