Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Well another year has come and gone....and I am another year older. Wiser?? Not so sure. *smiles*

Not to sure I am happy about this birthday this year. But I can't stop them from coming so I guess I just need to smile as the train continues on its journey.

I got a nice suprise this morning. Bug came in to tell me I had donuts waiting for me and flowers. So I came out and found a box full of yummy donuts and some very pretty flowers. Oh Bug sang "Happy Birthday" to me too, and that was fun too.

5 jittering comments:

Mikaela said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun way to start your morning, donuts and flowers. Sounds like your hubby and kids got it right! I hope the rest of your day is as wonderful.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Can't go wrong with donuts and flowers.
Hope it continues to be a great day.

Nikkei said...

Happy Birthday!

jennbecc said...

Happy Birthday! Love you!

Renee' P said...

Happy birthday my friend! Hope it was a good day :)

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