Friday, October 09, 2009

Ladybug moments

Just some fun pictures of Ladybug learning to draw and also her joy playing with some balloons. She is so fun to watch.
Very active.
Very cleaver.
Seems to have great fine motor skills. Can take off bottle and tube tops off baby butt creams, as well as the top off the milk container.
Walking everywhere.
Climbs up and down on the couch.
Wants to play on the computer just like mommy.
Starting to wear tennie shoes.
Loves her 'Bear Bear' lovie. She rubs it on her face while she falls a sleep.
Laughs at Bug when he runs around. She wants to follow so bad. Give her time. She will be after him in no time.
Loves Cheese...and will do the sign for it all the time.
Does the sign for "Bath" when she wants to get in the tub. She is even saying 'Bye Bye" and waving.
Loves to take a pen/pencil and some paper and scribble.
She is just so much fun to watch. She scares me how much she is able to do at such a young age. She just seems so young to be able to do the things she can. But everyone tells me that she is right on target.
She keeps me on my toes for sure.
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