Friday, November 20, 2009

Something smells so good!

My good friend Renee' had a Scentsy Party last Saturday. Unfortuantly I was not able to attend, but I wanted to buy something. I have heard a lot about Scentsy and really wanted to give the product a try. So with my birthday money in hand (well in the bank account) and my handy laptop I found Jandre's (the Scentsy Consultant) web site and looked at all the really cool products that they offer. I ended up purchasing the Rustic Star burner and two small scented bars. One was French Lavendar and the other Snowberry.

I was so excited when just about 30 mins ago the UPS driver knocked on my front door and I found a small cute box with my name on it from Scentsy! I got all "giddy", and skipped with my package to the kitchen to open it. Like I mentioned before I have never been to a Scentsy Party, had never touched or smelled their product before but had heard so many positive reviews about it that I just had to buy something. I am very happy that I have. I set it up and can smell the yummy scent float around my home. It makes it feel more warm and cozy. The best part is there is none of that smokie smell you get from burning candles. And I like the glow that the light bulb gives off in the bottom. It does look like a candle.

So Thank you Renee' for hosting the party. I am sorry I could not attend, but I am glad I bought something. Thank you Jandre for becoming a consultant for Scentsy. I will be sure to contact you with more stuff I would love to buy in the near future.

Happy smells. :)

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Renee' P said...

Yay! You got your stuff!!! I guess I just learned that if you order through the site for my party, your stuff gets to you sooner. My party closes tomorrow!
I'm glad you like what you got :)
Thanks for your support :)))

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