Monday, November 30, 2009

This place is way to small!!!!!

I am starting to feel it really bad. This house we have moved into, temporarily is WAY TO SMALL!

I have been dealing with a hall closet/linen closet that has NO shelves for 7 months now, and I finally was DONE. I took every thing out. I was going to head out and buy a book shelf to put in that closet to give me some shelves but I really didn't want to spend the money on something that was only going to be used for 5 months and then have to cart the new book shelf around while we are in transite tell we find another house we want to buy.

So frustrated I sat on the couch thinking. I then remembered I had an old book shelf that my mother had given me several years back. She had bought the book shelf when we lived in Japan. I love that thing. We took it apart and boxed it up when we sold the house and moved, and it has been patiently waiting in the garage to be opened up. I asked Bryan to get it for me and I put it together and put it in Ladybug's Bedroom to hold all her dolls, and books, and other baby girl things. I then took the small book shelf that she was using and put it into the closet. It fit perfectly!

After 30 mins, the closet was all organized, and I am feeling much better. I didn't spend any money. Managed to purge some unused items that I found at the bottom of the pile that had been growing in that closet. I can see where everything is, and just open the door and grab what I need. Also, was able to organize all of Bug's Nebulizer Treatment equipment, and medication, so when he has a breathing issue I can go straight to the box and find what I need.

Seriously need to just find a small pruging project to do daily, and I will be feeling better in no time. Plus, then maybe putting up that Christmas Tree won't seem to feel me with dread. Not looking forward to it taking up prescious space in my already tiny living room, and not looking forward to dealing with a very curious toddler who is into everything.

Wish me luck!

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Andrea said...

Good job. I love organizing projects especially when it's free.
Our tree is basically lights. Looks gross in the day, but ok at night. I got tired of broken ornaments and things being pulled off, so now it's lights only. good luck. said...

I feel your pain! I am hating the thought of putting a tree for the first time! Dan keeps telling me we have to but I'm willing to not have a tree at all this year!!! This small apartment living is making me crazy! Good luck to you!!!!

Renee' P said...

You're telling me! I can't breathe in this house and yet I love it and want to make it a home! Will this ever happen?
We don't have a coat closet!
I don't even know if we can make room to put up our xmas tree?? I'm working on some ideas!
So, I know how you feel! That's great that you got that bookshelf for Ladybug's room! I might try something like that???

Hang in there!!!


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