Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Extra Tooth

A few months ago, Bug and Ladybug went to see the Dentist. Bug does better every time. I was very proud of him. This was Ladybugs 2nd time seeing the Dentist, so we have some work to do, but I think she did pretty good too. She screamed most of the time while I held her on my lap and the Dentist tried to look in her mouth. We were concerned about one of her top teeth that had come in. It looked different than the other ones, and not in the correct spot. The Dentist thought it actually might be an extra tooth and that one that was really suppose to be there was still up under the gums. I was not so sure, but hey, he is the Dentist, maybe he was right. Only time would truely tell.

Well, as of today, the Dentist was correct. Ladybugs real tooth that was suppose to come in at that spot has broken through the gums. She has two teeth in that location. It is weird looking. I wish I could get a picture of it, and will continue to try to do that, but she is really not a fan with me trying to look in her mouth to much. She also has her lower right molar all the way in now, and the left lower molar and upper left molar are working their ways in. As for the upper right molar not seeing anything yet, but do feel it under the surface.

So teething has been going on strong here at our house. I have been using tons and tons of teething tablets, and found some liquid teething stuff, and tylenol. She has been waking up during the night at least one time during the night. Giving her more medication seems to be helping. Keeping my fingers crossed that things get better.

Oh and after talking to my sister the other day about this extra tooth she reminded me that Zack has an extra tooth too. Take a look at her post from November 2008. Zack was 23 months old. Ladybug is getting her extra tooth at 15 months. It sure looks like it is something that our side of the family is passing along. Interesting. Check out her post here.

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