Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bugs 5th Birthday Party

Ball Pit TIME! The 5 friends.

Ladybug trying to get out!

Ladybug trying to get back in.

And trying to get back in again!

Bug climbing out. The little girl in this picture was the girl who gave him his favorite valentine I posted about here. He still asks to look at the valentine from time to time.

Another on of Bug's friends trying to peg Bug with a ball! Bug is fast!

The chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake that Bryan and Bug made for the party. Bug decided at the last minute he wanted M&M's. LOVE that kid!!!

The boys putting the candles on the cake. many candles?? How old am I today??
Oh and all three boys asked before the candles were put on..."Where is the FIRE?"

Yeah FIRE!!! Counting the candles and getting a bit to close to the FIRE!

Getting ready to sing....

*the little guy in the gray shirt that is covering his mouth..blew out the candles before we finished singing LOL*

Gift from the girl (Bug's Crush). The Tinsle was a big hit. LOL We are still finding this stuff around.

More Tinsle......


Finally the gifts! :)

Full tummies with ICE Cream cake! :)

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