Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pictures Anyone?

Finally feeling settled in my new home. It is amazing how a place can make you feel better. People do that too.

I am going through my pictures since my new computer is arriving today. My current lap top is on its last legs. 5 yrs old, and it has worked hard for me. But it is time to say good bye. I have been spending the last few days working on orgainzing all my folders to transfer to my new computer. Fun and not so fun. I have so much stuff. Feels like me moving houses all over again.

And can anyone tell me how in the world I have like 5000 web favorites saved. OMGosh!!! Seriously. I have that amount. About 3 yrs ago I got into this HomeSchool kick and was searching all over the internet for Free Homeschooling ideas. I have found tons and tons of stuff. I have promised to post about them on my blog in the past, but something would always pop up and take me away from that fun project. Kids mostly!

Well, I need to purge and clean these links out too.

And here is a few silly pictures of the kids. There will always be more to come.

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Nessa said...

cute pics Love! a computer is ur virtual house! I know what you are going thru!

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