Thursday, January 03, 2013

Feel Stuck

Homeschooling has become no fun for me.  Not because I don't enjoy spending time with my son, teaching him subjects and watching the light bulb go off when he understands something I am teaching.  That part is fun.  Dealing with all the rules and regulations I have to deal with through the Alternative School I have him in this year is where I am wanting to pull my hair out.

I know that if a Homeschooling family were to look at my blog they would be first to point out- "You are not homeschooling if you are going through a school district.  You are Schooling at Home or attending a virtual Academy".  When I first went on this adventure I really didn't think I minded having someone look over my shoulder to make sure I was doing things correctly.  It was actually kind of pleasant when Bug was in 1st grade and he attend WAVA (Washington Virtual Academy) and we used K-12 curriculum.  It was easy to use, and didn't require me to search different curriculum's based on subjects.  There were a few things that were annoying but in retrospect they were nothing compared to what I am dealing with now.

This year Bug is attending an Alternative School through the local School District we live in.  It offers classes on a campus and was suppose to allow me the opportunity to work with him at home with core subjects.  I was encouraged to have Bug in this school by his counselor he meets with weekly.  He was really doing well socially when he was in 1st grade.  We had seen much improvement with ability to be in social settings and she felt he needed as well as I needed to have him out of the house a bit more.  She felt that the stress of being with him all the time was putting unneeded stress on our family.

With out going into a big huge pity party post, I will just say that after being in school for 4 months we have had to drop two of the three on campus classes because of behavior issues that caused him to be sent to the principals office. In addition I am really not happy with the online curriculum and the teacher I have been assigned to work with and meet up weekly.  They use Odyssey online curriculum, witch I find to be very lacking.  I can't help but compair it to K-12 and how WAVA had things organized.  The teacher through WAVA was familiar with the lessons through K-12.  But the teacher this year is not familiar with the lessons that Odyseey has.  She has not taken the time to go through the lessons her self to familiar herself with them.  I know if she would look at both curriculum's she agree with me that K-12 is more complete. 

This school is very disorganized....well I should just say the teacher I am assigned to.  I wish that I could just pull Bug from this school and put him in WAVA again.  But after speaking with my son he has asked to stay at this school.  He really enjoys DRAMA.  And he is really doing quiet well in that class.  So I feel stuck.  I explained to my son that if he stays at this school then he has to fulfill the requirements that this school has.  Meetings once a week with the teacher we are assigned to.  He will have to be pleasant and nice when he is in these meetings.  His behavior has been rude and unpleasant thus far so I am not sure if things will change.  His behavior at his Occupational Therapy Sessions have gone down hill as well, but they do seem to have improved since we dropped P.E. and Art at the school campus. 

Anyway...I feel stuck like I said earlier.

I wish that I could see a clear path to take.


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EnglishLit said...

Sorry you are having struggles. Pray, pray, pray. Have you checked out the Spokane Civic Theater? I think they had classes for kids his age as a possible alternative. Also, Kick n Fun was absolutely fabulous for Chris and for his socialization and we were able to go several times a week. I always preferred the I pick what I teach my kids method, but I am pretty sure any self-respecting homeschooler would accept what you are doing as homeschooling! Best wishes for you all!

Alyson said...

You already know what I think..
RUN, don't walk! Get away from dist. 81 as fast as you can. Either go back to WAVA, or homeschool him on your own. You will do a fabulous job!

As the saying goes "if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Love and hugs to you, call me if you need to get out or just want to vent.

MaryRuth said...

so sorry things are hard. I hope that you'll know the best thing for you and your family. good luck!

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