Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas this year we spent at home.  NO travels for me this year.  I miss my family and it was GREAT to be with them last year but to be honest I was looking forward to being in my own home and sleeping in my own bed on Christmas Eve.  Because we were home we were able to attend the Church Christmas Party where Bug got to play the Inn Keeper in the Nativity program that some of the kids put on.

Christmas Eve fell on a day that is normally Bryan's day off so he was home that night!  Amazing!  It was so much fun to have him home.  After opening our jammies we popped some popcorn and made some hot chocolate and headed down to our family room and watched our NUMBER 1 FAVORITE ALL TIME CHRISTMAS MOVIE!!!  :::::: ELF :::::::

It was a good time for all!  Then off to bed to dream of sugar plums and reindeer.

Christmas Morning came REALLY Quickly!  The kids were literally up at 5am.  And even though Santa Clause put their stockings in their rooms at the foot of their beds they still came running out to wake us up to start opening presents.  I know this yearly excitement will not last and in years to come I will be wishing that they were young again.  So I try really hard to enjoy the crazy excitement with a smile. 

Here is a few pictures of presents.

Hope every one is having a GREAT Christmas!

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