Monday, December 22, 2014

School Update

Homeschooling has been plugging along.  I have made a few adjustments with our schedule and lesson plans but we have covered what I had wanted to by Winter Break.   I will be spending the next few days organizing our next quarter. 

Some of the activities we did this past quarter:

Cub Scouts - Made Trail Mix S'Mors


Some ART- Fall Trees with Q-Tips!

Homeschooling Group Gym Day- got to play at the near by park.

Math Game to practice our Times Tables!
Learned about the Food Pyramid.
Bug got to play Luke Skywalker in the Children's Production of Star Wars. 
Science with Colors!
Morning Walks started to get frosty!
Sand Turkey Art.

Saw Peter Pan!

Science- Spent some time making a File Folder Book about the Animal Kingdoms.
A few pages- will post pictures of the finished book soon.

Vertebrates- FISH

Rainbow Tree- outlining the tree.
 Rainbow Tree- Painting the black lines
 Rainbow Tree- Pastel colors added. *P.S. this kid needs a hair cut!
Rainbow Tree- Finished TREE! 
 Painting our own Snowman!
Bug picked Warm Colors! 
 Learning how to make Cootie Catchers for practicing the Times Tables.
 Filling in his Cootie Catcher.  :)

It was GREAT to have winter BREAK.  We did a lot this last quarter that is not photographed as well.

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