Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year - New Resolutions - New Self


I am not one who likes to make New Years Resolutions.  I always seem to feel overwhelmed with my goals after a few weeks.  And revert back to the way I always do things. Eating, exercise, school, house work, free time, ect.  But I really would like to try and make a few changes this year.  Small simple changes in my life, in the hopes that I might feel better physically, as well as emotionally.

I have a few things I would like to try and I am hoping that putting these ideas out there for all to read that I might stick to them longer than normal and maybe make them become habits.

I have seen the post on FB about the woman who drank a gallon of water every day for 4 weeks and have seen the before and after pictures.  The article said she was healthier, and lost weight, that her completion (dark circles under her eyes) disappeared.  I have been reading lot of other articles about the challenge and have found pros and cons for it.  And I think after weighing both sides I want to give this a try.  But I have decided to take it slowly.  I have tried to do this in the past but I am VERY forgetful about drinking enough water.  I know that I am probably dehydrated most of the time.  I have tried to drink the 8 glasses of water in the past and to be honest I have felt water logged.  If that is the correct term.  I have tried drinking smaller glasses through out the day, making a list to check off when I drink each glass.  I have set timers for myself.  I have put a 2Quart pitcher in the fridge to remind myself that I need to drink this much water through out my day.  Some of these stradigies have helped for a day or two but all in all I have reverted back to forgetting to drink enough water.  But I think I might have a solution.  I found an App for my phone called "Water Your Body".  It is a very simple App that just keeps track of the water you drink through out the day.  Also, it sends you little reminders to drink.  You can set it up for a certain time to start and end each day and how many reminder intervals you want.

I have had it a few days and so far it has been 2 successful days and 1 total BOMB!  But I am not giving up yet.  I am doing great so far today.  And I think this is because we are back into the Homeschooling-House Management stage.  I have somewhat of a schedule I stick to during the week and because of that I am more likely to follow through with this goal.  I will keep you posted.

About 4 yrs ago now I was HEAVILY into Zumba. LOVED IT! Did it almost every single day.  WAS IN HEAVEN and felt GREAT about myself, and how I looked.  It made me happy.  But unfortunately 4 yrs ago I slipped on some ice near my car one morning and twisted my ankle.  Was very lucky that I did not break it.  But it took a long time to heal.  A year after the accident I tried attending a Zumba class and my ankle was tender.  I was discouraged because I knew the moves and wanted to do them but my body would not let me. Over the course  of the last 3 yrs my ankle has healed and I have no problems with it, but I am VERY overweight and out of shape. It is like how I was when I started Zumba 4 yrs ago.  But back then I didn't know any of the moves.  This time I do, and get frustrated when I can't keep up like I use too.  So, I have been mulling over ideas and a solution to this problem.  I LOVED Zumba.  I loved the music, and how fun it was and upbeat.  I miss how I felt after work outs.  That high you get.  And I am determinded to try and get it back.  We don't own a YMCA membership any longer.  But I have seen so many videos posted on YOUTUBE that I think I could create my own list of songs and routines I can do right at home.  Make my own playlist.  Taking it SLOWLY though.  So here is my plan.  I have found several really fun and simple zumba routines to start out with.  Starting today I will watch only one video, and work out in my living room with it.  I will do this each day Monday-Friday before school starts.  Granted this week will only be 4 mins each day, but over the course of the week I will get better at the routine.  Next Monday I will add another new Zumba video to my playlist.  This means I will have the first video still but then I will also have the 2nd video.  Doing both of these videos for a week.  Now it will be probably 10 mins long or close to that.  The next week add another and then another the following week.  So by the end of the month I will have 4 routines I am doing each morning.  It will not be much time but at least it is something.  And I am hoping that my family will understand and respect that this is "My TIME".  I will keep you posted on the progress of this too.

I am posting the link here for the first Video that I will be doing this week.  "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift- Robin Goelman video.  Check it out and if you want to join me with this let me know you are.  I will be posting links to each video I add each week.  :)

Hope everyone is having a GREAT 2015 so far.  ONLY 5 days into it, but I think it is a promising year. 

~ Brenda

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