Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Good day yesterday

First off.....sorry no pictures...I forgot to bring the camera.

Our excursion to Mobius yesterday was a huge success. Bug was excited to ride the City Bus and was so eager to get out to the bus stop that I had a hard time keeping up. When he climbed on the bus he even said "Hi" to the bus driver with out me prompting him to do it. I was proud.

He sat the whole time in his seat and enjoyed looking out the window. He did give verbal commentary about the drive and made sounds like "Whoa!" when the bus made turns, and "Down, Down, Down!" when the bus was heading down the south hill to down town.

He was also so behaved at the mall as we walked around before Mobius opened at 10am. I was amazed and proud of my little man. I was not embarrassed but enjoyed my time with him. When Mobius finally opened we headed down the stairs to the bottom floor and then waited in line to sign in. He even held the membership card that we have and gave it to the guy at the counter when it was our turn. Then the fun began....and he had FUN! He didn't stay at any given activity to long but bounced from one thing to another pretty quick, but he was happy and not mean to any of the other children. There was a new exhibit called "Nano World" and they had a "Ball Pit" filled with Red balls that was suppose to be red blood cells. Bug loved just walking around in the balls and going in one side and out the other side openings of the ball pit. Oh and he for some reason became attached to a plastic carrot and carried it around all over the place as well as a fabric fish they had too. Not sure exactly why but he seemed happy so I didn't stop him.

At 11am our class started. It was called "Stuck on YOU" and it was all about things that are sticky. Bug was so good about going into the class room and picking his own chair and sat there for most of the class. He really didn't like all the glue sticking to his fingers during the activities / Crafts that we did but he was a trouper non-the-less. We came home with "GAGK" Some weird substance that we crated from Glue and Cornstarch. We even got to add some food coloring to it. Bug picked orange. We also came home with a Sun catcher that he made from glue and wax paper. It was fun.

It was lunch time when the class was done and I was HUNGRY!!! So we headed up to the 3rd floor of the mall to the food court and got some PIZZA! "PEPPERONI PIZZA MOMMY!" Bug kept shouting...over and over! He ate all his pizza sitting so well at the table (Amazed! No running around!) and then it was time to go back to the STA Plaza to catch the bus home. He once again amazed me by staying close to me wanting to hold my hand and chatting away at the things he saw. Asking me questions and such. We did have one incident on the bus when we got on to head home. Bug wanted to sit in a row all to him self but the bus was pretty full so we had to sit next to each other and he did say to me, "Get away from me!" and tried to push me. I quickly nipped that in the bud and told him to talk nice to me and that the bus was full and we had to share a row this time. He seemed to get the idea, once I showed him how full the bus was.

On Wednesday we will head back to Mobius for another class...."Finger Painting Frenzy". We will see how it goes. He might hate having all the paint on his fingers.

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Jennie said...

i am so glad that you had such a good time!

i LOVE your tummy shots! you should be so proud of them! they are amazing!

thanks for your kind words on my blog!

Renee' said...

Glad that Bug enjoyed himself. What a nice relaxing day for you. I can't believe how much you are showing!! Wow! You look beautiful!!! You will never regret having those tummy shots. Then you can always remember what you looked like.

Andrea said...

wow- no running around. What a great day! It's always worrisome to take toddlers out. Some days are great. Others.. not so much.
Love the tummy shot. I have to get one soon before it's too late.

jennbecc said...

Yeahhh!!! Baby Bump! Very cute! :)

Grammy said...

sweet...now look for the picture of me carring you...and one of Sis and compare. Hi Little Pink Girlie! I love your smile..and it is true. Nothing more beautiful than a pregrant woman!

Martha said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm so glad he was good. It makes a world of difference in wanting to do more outings!

Colby family said...

you're right. the colby boys are off to seattle. your trip downtown was a success! love the baby bump!

Mikaela said...

Sounds like a super fun day with your little man. I'm glad that he did so well. I always dread taking mine out cause you just never know! I too love the belly shots...keep em coming! You look great! :)

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