Sunday, April 06, 2008

Interesting Link.

After the morning session of General Conference this morning the following was on BYU Television. It was McKay School of Education and they were talking about raising your kids. I looked up the link later today on and found this link.
You can Do This- An approach to Raising Wonderful Children

It was not Religious or preachy at all, but rather gave some really good ideas on how to raise your kids of all ages. I just checked out the section on 0-4 year olds and they had a section on how to introduce your child to the new baby. It has such good suggestions that I had not thought of before. Some I ready new about but learning about other ideas always helps.

update on the potty training....LAZY is all I can say. Me not Bug. I spent most of yesterday getting the baby's room ready and wore myself out. Today Bug showed some interest in wearing his big boy underwear so for the past hour I have checked him every 10minutes. We have had one accident, but he came right to me when he did it...and that is a first! I was proud of him for at least coming to me to tell me. That is a step in the right direction, because he is at least realizing that he has gone. He still hates taking the wet underwear off, and that has become a challenge. He also walks really funny when he is wet. I have to giggle inside when I see it.

2 jittering comments:

Anonymous said...

Don't get to upset. Boys are much lazier than girls. It will be easier in the summer when he can wear less clothes.
Good luck.

Renee' said...

I feel you on the whole potty-training issue. I am scared too!
Good luck and you'll do just fine.

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