Monday, May 19, 2008

Frugal Meal

I have been reading many different blogs lately, and come across some really cheap recipes. One in particular was from Biblical Womanhoods blog called Crockpot Sunday Dinner.

I tried this last sunday and boy oh boy was I surprised! It was soooooo easy, and tasted so good! I plan on making this again really soon.

Here is the recipe with my changes in Black:

In a crockpot I layer:

2 cloves of garlic (small amount of Garlic Powder and Dried Onions)
6 - 8 peeled and sliced carrots (1 Bag of baby carrots)
4 - 5 peeled and sliced potatoes (8-9 red potatoes- left the skins on- I love potatoe skins!!!)
Salt and pepper
1 pound of browned hamburger
6 oz of tomato paste ( I had 8 oz can of tomato sauce)
6 oz of water ( I added only 3 oz of water since the tomato sauce has water in it)

Turn on high and leave for 3-4 hours. It's great with homemade bread.

Surved with a little sour cream and sour dough bread. YUMMMM!

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