Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My thoughts...

1. So glad that it is Raining today! It has been so warm here for the past 3 days (high 80's). The heat has caused my feet and hands to swell. Today they are doing MUCH better.

2. Can't believe that it is Memorial Day next Monday! My friend Renee' has invited me over for a BBQ since Bryan works that day. Bug and I are looking forward to the activity.

3. Can't wait tell Book Club next month. We are discussing "Twilight". I just can't wait.

4. Got tire on van repaired but the repair shop said that it was not slashed but rather torn. I have no idea what I might have rubbed onto to cause it to tear. Very confused by that. But we have a new tire and that is good.

5. Got my book Before Five in a Row in the mail. Very happy. Also got the first book from the library yesterday that goes with the Before Five in a Row outline. Bug loves the book. Now I need to come up with some activities. Easy ones.

6. Can't wait tell June for Playgroups to start up again with my church. And I have decided that I am going to coordinate a second play group starting in June through August. This way Bug and I are getting out of the house with some friends at least 2 times a week. I am calling the weekly activity Park Day. I have several of my friends say they are interested so I am excited that this could happen.

7. I also might coordinate a Frozen Meal Swap Group with the church. I was talking to the Enrichment Counselor in Relief Society (my church ladies group) and mentioned that I wish I had more frozen meals for when the baby comes to help with dinners. My friend Alyson is in a similar type group for the MOMS club she is in and I thought it would be fun. So I am researching the idea and what I might have to do to coordinate this group and then getting back to the Enrichment Counselor to let her know if I want to be on an action committee for the activity. Just don't want to get in over my head. I tend to do that sometimes.

8. Bug got his hair cut yesterday. Buzzed!!! At first I was rather shocked when I saw him, but the cut has grown on me. We decided to buz him because of the warm weather and the fact that he has some scalp issues. Bug hates (and I don't say that lightly) to have his hair washed. He FREAKS out about it and you would think I was KILLING HIM when I try to wash his hair. I do have great news to report that last nights hair washing was a great success. He did very well, and the fact that the water was not dripping into his face from his hair really helped. I also think his eyes are huge and he has long eye lashes because his hair is so short. He keeps coming up to me and asks me "How do I look?" with a big cheesy grin on his face. LOL

9. Next Tuesday night Bryan and I are going to the movies. I am excited about seeing Prince Caspien. It has been several months since we have gone out alone.

10. Bug has his Physical Therapy evaluation last week, and the Therapist said that he was REALLY OK. So NO PT for now. Yea!!!! I am relieved. I really am. I thought he was fine but the Occupational Therapist kept pushing that we have him seen. We are also taking a Summer Break from Occupational Therapy for the summer. I think it is time for a break, and possible change. I have him scheduled for an evaluation with another Occupational Therapist but that will not be until July. I wanted a second opinion and see if someone else can help him out with his Sensory Input Issues.

That is all for now.

4 jittering comments:

Grammy said...

oooohh...Look at my Pregnant Brenda! *smiles*

I admit...the buzz looks cute.

Andrea said...

Love the new hair. Looks very cute.
I wish I lived by you. Such fun things you do!!

Renee' said...

I like the Buz. It's cute. I'm looking forward the BBQ as well. I think the weather should be okay.

MaryRuth said...

We've talked about starting a frozen meal group too but we're not sure how to pull it together... would love to hear what you guys come up with!

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