Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hosting- UPDATED

Tonight I am hositng Book Club at my home. I am excited to have the ladies over to my home. We are discussing the book "Eight Cousins" by Lousia May Alcott. I have been so busy that I have not been able to read this book. I am sad about that. But even though I have not read the book I am sure we will have plenty to discuss.
I always have such a good time with my friends.

I think I am going to make this dessert again. What do you think? It tasted so good last time and was SO easy to make! If you have any suggestions for another dessert you think I should try leave it in my comments.

********** UPDATE************

Book club started late last night. It was suppose to start at 7pm but it was more like 8pm. I was already for my guests to arrive and sat waiting for them to show up at 7pm. No one. *sad* 7:20pm my friend Renee called me to talk a bit, and I told her about my book club and the fact that no one was here yet. We talked....for a bit. Then at 7:50pm the door bell rang and it was Suzanne and Rebecca. At 8pm Emily arrived. Even though it was a small group of us and only one of us read the book we still had such a good time. It was good to chat with my girl friends. MUCH NEEDED!!!

Bug did great for Daddy last night going to bed with out me around to help with the routine and was in bed just after 8pm. Amazing since he did take an hour nap from 4 to 5pm yesterday. Bryan found him passed out on the couch before he could stop him from sleeping. If Bug takes a nap during the day he doesn't fall asleep tell after 8pm. It is usually more like 9pm. Which means no alone time for Bryan and me to unwind from our day before I am falling asleep on the couch.

5 jittering comments:

Grammy said...

Hope you had a good time with your friends...and that yummy dessert! hugs

Andrea said...

How was the book club? Hope all went well. The dessert looks great.

Christensen family said...

Okay so I have heard wonderful things about your dessert... so glad it was posted on your blog. Now I can make it. Wish I could have been there last night. You are so great!!!

MaryRuth said...

So glad you had a good time!!! I love girlfriend time!

Andrea said...

oh. I dread having people over wondering if they'll show. So glad it was a nice time.

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