Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Conversations of a 3 year old and Mommy Forgetfulness

Bug: "I'm going to be a Big Brother."
Mommy: "Yes, that is right! Are you going to be a big brother to a baby brother or a baby sister?"
Bug: "Baby sister"
Mommy: "Yes, you are going to have a baby sister. What is her name?"
Bug: *says her name* "I will teach her how to use the potty."

* One of the books that I just bought was about a big brother helping his little sister learn how to use the potty. "Little Critters"

It was another NICE sunny day, and Bug, Bryan and I got out in the back yard early today before it got to warm and I got to tired. I needed Bryan to help me with moving some heavy lawn stuff around. I wanted to spray down the tables and chairs and Bug's toys that had been out in the weather this past winter and then the yucky spring that we have. It doesn't help that we have a walnut tree out in the back yard that drops brown balls of seeds, and other tree stuff all over the back yard equipment and side walk. It makes every thing look dirty and yucky. I sprayed everything down and got some things organized.

I said to Bryan since the babies bedroom is all ready for her, I have moved to the back yard to organize and do my nesting. LOL Bryan laughted. He did like how the back yard turned out. Once I get the chairs cleaned off and the pads cleaned (they are really old but I can't afford new ones right now so they will have to do) I will get a picture of the back yard. Bryan likes the "FLOW" or layout that I chose. I hope it helps us want to hang out in the back yard more. Maybe even have breakfast one morning out there. *smiles*

I guess I over did it with all the spraying and cleaning in the back yard, because at 1pm I fell asleep again on the couch while Bug watched some TV shows (Dora, and Zaboomafoo, and I think the Spictacular Spider-Man Saturday Cartoons, and he also played some of his free on-line games) I didn't wake up tell 3pm!!! Wow I was soooooo tired. LOL

**** Totally for got about the Sibling Prep Class last night until 7pm! UGGGGG! I keep forgetting everything! I missed my friend Kristi's Son's 2nd Birthday party last Friday Night. I remembered while I was walking and looking at the Garage Sale stuff. I have called the company that puts the Sibling Prep Class on and left them a message, hoping that they can reschedule him at no extra charge, but I am not holding my breath. *****

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl. Neat that Bug is happy about the new baby. I bought some books for Kaytlynn because she wasn't doing well about the baby. It seemed to help.
About the praise team. Girl I have been working myself to death. I did tell them at work I want two Sundays off a month to be with my family.
We used to lead praise and worship in Florida,but after moving to Ms.I have felt like i was in dry land. This is a new church.the land is bought and things are being ready to build. Im sure at some time after I get to know the people I will be up there singing. That is something I have done all my life. We used to travel and sing before my mom got sick. I miss it alot.

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