Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend update June 14-15 2008

Just a quick update on what I did this weekend.

First off, I have shout *IT IS FINALLY SUMMER!* The weather has finally gotten warmer and the SUN is out! I see blue skies and that has really cheered me up! Everything is still the same, but the weather really has helped me to deal better with things.

Saturday morning I woke up early because I wanted to drive to Liberty Lake, WA for the Town Gargage Sale. Almost every house in the town holds a garage sale the same day. It started at 8am. I almost didn't end up going because when I woke up my left hip was hurting really bad. I was having a hard time walking around but I really wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather. I was looking forward to walking around and just looking at stuff, and maybe finding something that I just had to have. So I took a tylenol and headed out. I got to Liberty Lake a little past 8am and it was packed. After driving around for 20 minutes I finally found a parking spot and headed out to see what treasures I could find.

It was difficult to walk but I did it, and managed to hit about 50 homes and then I just could not do anymore. *sad* I ened up finding a Spiderman blanket that I got for Bug. I also got him a "baby doll" since he seemed interested in Dom's (my friend Renee's Son), but Bug is afraid of it. LOL Bryan was trying to get him to play with it; even just throwing it would have been fine at this point, but Bug ran from it. *LOL* I found some new books for Bug too and he loves them all. His favorite one is "Webster J. Duck". It is a cute story about a little duck looking for his mother. Then I found some tights for the baby, and two plain white crib sheets as back up ones.

I ended up heading to Albertson's afterwards to get some grocery shopping done. I went to the store in Liberty Lake, and it was perfect since everyone else was at the garage sale. It took me a while since I was still having a hard time walking. LOL But I made it.

Bug and I met up with Bryan during his dinner break. Bug and I went to Wendy's to get dinner and buy Frostys to enjoy, and then drove over to where Bryan's Bus would be on break, and enjoyed spending time with him. Bug enjoyed climbing all over the back part of the van! He doesn't get to do this much but since we were parked, eating dinner, I let him out of his car seat and let him have some fun. It was a nice visit with Bryan, and Bug loved seeing him drive off when his break was over.

Sunday morning Bug and I woke Bryan up to wish him a Happy Father's Day. See the post here to read about it.

Bryan had to work. Around 12:30pm Bug and I headed out to the back yard to enjoy the warm, NICE, Happy weather!!!! I set up the sprinkler and got Bug in his new swim suit and he had a blast running through the sprinkler! We were out there for almost 3 hours! It was sooooo nice.
After coming inside and giving Bug a shower to warm him up from the cold wet sprinkler we spent the afternoon reading books and having some quite, snuggly time.

The rest of the day we played some computer games. Found a site that teaches about the planets and other sciences. All of them were to old for Bug but he seemed to enjoy looking at the dinocores and plants and other science stuff.

Tonight Bug has a "Sibling Prep Class" I signed him up to help him understand what was going on with me being pregnant and what will happen when the baby is born and comes home. I hope that the class is a good one and that helps him to understand. He does seem to be ok with the idea so far, when we talk about the baby. He sees my tummy growing and from time to time will rub my tummy or talk to my tummy.

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Grammy said...

Good to see you smiling!

jennbecc said...

I wish I could find a community garage sale like this. Cool!! My left hip is the bad one too....I wonder if you have bursitis as well....ooowwwie!

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