Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dr. Appointment

Went to my monthly appointment yesterday, and took Bug with us. We thought it would be a quick appointment since the last few have been quick. But my doctor was called into surgery and we ended up waiting an hour. Bug did SOOOOOO good! I was so proud of him.

First off - he impressed the other patients in the waiting room with his reading ability. He was reading the Veggie-tales book to Bryan and me. It was fun.

Then we headed into the exam room, and he got to hear the baby's heart beat. Once we were told that my doctor was running late from the surgery the sweetest nurse in the world brought in a basket full of toys for Bug to play with. All the toys kept him entertained and happy.

When my doctor finally arrived, we talked about the basic stuff. I had a few questions that I wrote down and asked him. Then he measured my tummy, and I am measuring bigger than 30 weeks along. At first it was 36 inches and then he re-measured and got 34 inches (each inch means the number of weeks you are along- cool hu? I didn't know this before). The fact that I am measuring bigger, explains a lot about how uncomfortable I have been feeling lately. Explains a lot.

Since the last Ultrasound I had at 24 weeks didn't give the doctor a good look at her face and since I am measuring further along than I am my doctor wants to do another Ultrasound. So in 4 weeks I have my next appointment and an Ultrasound. Excited to see baby again!

So that is the news.
I am tired.....but doing very good. Again the sunshine really helps a lot!

3 jittering comments:

Andrea said...

I've always measured bigger. Glad I'm not alone in the misery. haha.
So glad the appointment went well. I usually had to take my girls with me, so it was nice when they were good.
Yea for bug- especially when you had to wait so long.

Renee' said...

I can tell the sunshine is helping! It's helping me feel better too. So, you might be further along than you thought? That's kinda cool!
Keep smiling!

MaryRuth said...

You look so cute! Pregnancy agrees with you!

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