Friday, June 13, 2008

flashback Friday

Picture of Bug in his Bumbo chair and his new sunglasses. I think this was the one and only day he sat in this chair and wore the glasses. His little legs were so chuncky that I would need Bryan to pull the chair off of Bug when he was done sitting. He was only 3 months old and was already to big for the chair. He struggled sitting up. I love this picture of Bug because he was smiling at me. I could not stop laughing while I took the picture. Those glasses were too funny.

A year I have a toddler (1 year 3 months old) and Bug was crazy walking-running everywhere!!! He had learned to walk the month before! He was non-stop. This picture he was having fun running around with crazy toddler hair!!!!

Still 2006- he was 1 year 3 months. We were at a park with my friend Tami. I love his little shoes. These were his first pair of tennis shoes. He looked so grown up to me.

And this was last year (2007) Also at a park with my friend Tami. He loves going down slides! Now he has some cool sunglasses on and loves to wear them too.

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Andrea said...

so cute. Fun to see how he's grown.

jennbecc said...

Love the cute FF pics and love the new belly shot! EEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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