Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday

~ 2005~

I am 4months old today!

My Teddy.


You found me Mommy!!!


sleeping in my Big Boy Bed (A.K.A. The Monkey Bed)

Trip to Canada! Stopped off for a break in Cranbrook!

Running off some Steam before jumping back into the car to drive to Calgary.

"Look Mom! I am running FAST!!!!"

Hanging out with the cousins.

Bug's first time in a BALL PIT!

*It was sooooo hot in side the ball pit and the next day he got sick from all the germs from the balls. He was pretty crabby the rest of the trip.*

A Hike up to Johnson's Falls! It was cool near the water falls.

Us with Bryan's Brother and Family!

2 jittering comments:

Renee' said...

I love love love the baby's room! It gives me inspiration. You look so beautiful pg!

jennbecc said...

Has Bug really been sleeping in his big boy bed for a year now? And the basement's been done for a year?? Were did the time go??

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