Saturday, July 05, 2008



Just want to be honest~ not sure how frequently I am going to post. It has become increasingly more difficult to be comfortable in all positions. LOL Sitting, Standing, Lying down. All of them don’t feel too good at this time, and with the warmer weather, and no air conditioning it does not help. My lap top gives off a lot of heat and I am already kicking out tons of heat as it is. *smiles*

I just wanted to let you all know I am good, just uncomfortable right now. It will not last to much longer.

Quick up date for the Holiday

Bryan chose to work yesterday to make some extra money, and Bug and I headed over to my friend Alyson’s house to have dinner, let the boys play and also to finish decorating the onesies that were at the Baby Shower. It was good that I got out of the house, into air conditioning *perked me right up* and I got into a creative HIGH designing onesies. I will try and get pictures of the ones that were done at the shower and the ones I did the other day. My camera is NOT working. L

Hope you are all having a great LONG Holiday weekend!Happy Belated 4th of July

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you are so uncomfy.April has been having some labor. I Understand .

Andrea said...

Hope you get cooled off soon. TAke care and enjoy some relaxing.

Christensen family said...

I am excited to see these onesies. They sound so cute and darling! Brenda, hang in there. It is absolutely uncomfortable no matter what you are doing! It surely is worth it though! Just make sure you don't over do anything or feel like you have to get up to do something! Take it easy!


MaryRuth said...

We'll miss you!!! Hurry back with fun updates!

Becky said...

No air conditioning?!? No wonder you are uncomfortable . . . and I have always felt the last horrible month of pregnancy is purely so women are willing to go through childbirth - they will go through ANYTHING to get that baby out! Hang in there!

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