Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Bryan!---ooooppppsss!

OK, Ok, I will be the first to admit this, I forgot my husband's birthday yesterday. I know. I am so bad! I really am an awful person for doing this, but in my defence, I will remind everyone, "I AM PREGNANT!!!" My brain cells are dieing as I type this blog post. And Bryan did tell me a few weeks back not to buy him anything. I know that is no excuse, but I think that when he said this, my brain went into its folder filing system and purged the information titled, "Bryan's Birthday" and shredded it.

I did know that his birthday was coming up and had the date circled and colored all pretty-like on my calendar "Bryan's Birthday" on Tuesday July 22, but I have to be honest, it just didn't click even when I looked at my calendar that morning. *I look at my calender every morning to make sure I know what is going on for that day*.

Here is how the day went yesterday, July 22nd, my Beloved's Birthday!

I walked into the kitchen to meet my hubby taking the dishes out of the dishwasher.

Him: "Good Morning!" Smile on his face.

Me: Grump...Grump..."Good morning." I walked passed him to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and wash my face and put my contacts in. I was TIRED!!! Had a really difficult nights sleep and was not feeling quite chipper like I normally do in the morning.

We went to my weekly Dr. Appointment, and afterwards Bryan wanted to go to the mall to look for some new shoes for work. I took Bug to the play area while Bryan shopped. We had lunch and then headed home. On the way home Bryan was talking and here is our conversation.

Him: "I get paid this Friday. What is the date?"

Me: "The 25th."

Him: "So that means today is...."

Me: "The 22nd."

Nothing else said....silence and then change of subject on the ride home.

When we got home there was a package from his parents. He was excited to get the present and started opening it when we got inside. He then says, "That is so cool that I got the package today. What great timing."

Stopped me right in my tracks.

"OH MY!!!! It is your BIRTHDAY! I forgot your Birthday!!!"

I felt so bad!!! I started to cry!

It gets worse.

In the evening we had one of the members of our church come by the house with a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies and wishing Bryan a Happy Birthday! I felt even more worse!

Then Bryan tells them I forgot his birthday. *sad*

I am normally so good at remembering things, all things!!!! I have been known as having a memory like a "steel trap" as Bryan calls it. I never forget a word he says, but lately, I have been so forgetful it is not funny.

Happy Birthday Bryan. Sorry that I didn't wish you a birthday in the morning.....Please Forgive Me. *smiles*

3 jittering comments:

Grammy said...

Happy Birthday Bryan...I forgot ~ again!

Andrea said...

Atleast he'll always remember the birthday you forgot.
Happy birthday Bryan.

MaryRuth said...

I'm so sorry! And the worst part is he'll never let you forget it..,. trust me... I was on a work trip for one of Joey's beloved birthdays and every year he says "remember the birthday where you left me alllll alone on my birhtday??"

Maybe have a belated surprise party for him or something.

Happy Birthday Bryan!!!

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