Thursday, July 24, 2008


I got this award from my blogger friend Brenda at Welcome to Country Romance from the heart.
I was so surprised when she sent me a comment saying she had something for me at her blog.
Brenda and I have a lot in common, more than just our names. Her husband's name is Brian, and her sister married a Bryan. My sister's husband's name is Brian.
She also has a daughter who is pregnant and due very close to my due date. Small Small world.

What a happy surprise. I have been tying to think of who I wanted to pass the award on too.

Once an award is received, the rules are as follows:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.

5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs.

It was difficult to pick only seven, so I picked a total of 10 blogs. I have been visiting these 10 blogs for quite a while and I keep coming back for more.

In no particular order:

1. Renee's Blog: 2 yrs. old...Busy, Busy Little Bee- Renee' Blogs about her 2 year old very curious Adoptive Son. She and her hubby just bought a house about a year ago and she shares about the house repairs and what it is like to be a newly, Stay at Home Mommy. She has embraced her role and loves to make new meals for her family and post the recipes she likes.

2. Jennie's Blog: A Little Bit of Us- Jennie blogs about the stuff she loves. About her husband and about her work and family. She shares "Sweets and Sours" posts from time to time and has a heart for a dear friend who has been stricken with a very serious illness and helped raise money for treatment for her dear friend.

3. Becky's Blog: Becky Wilson and Family- Becky's blog is about her family and all the fun stuff they are doing. Her husband recently graduated as a Doctor in Iowa! They took a family trip to Disney World. I met Becky when she and her husband were still living in Spokane. They were the apartment managers at the apartment complex we were renting from before we bought our home 4 years ago.
4. Jamie's Blog: Christensen Family- Jamie blogs about her kids and all the fun stuff her 5 kidlets are up too. Bug and her son Cam are best friends. They are only a month apart and have so much in common! She also makes all those really cool vinyl lettering that is so popular right now.
5. Tami's Blog: The Girls and Dad B.- Tami blogs about all the cute and fun things her three daughters are doing. I met Tami at an Adoption Conference back in 2004, and we have been close friends ever since. We have so many things in common that it is almost like we are twins separated at birth.
6. Andrea's Blog: Just-about-perfect- Andrea blogs around organizing with three little ones under foot. Her posts are so much fun to read, and the pictures that her oldest daughter takes and Andrea posts are priceless. Sometimes I feel like we are kindred spirits. We are hoping that one day we will meet face to face.
7. Alyson's Blog: Life as I know it- Alyson blogs about her 5 year old son (almost 6 years old) and all the fun activities he is doing. She is homeschooling him and enjoying all the stuff he is learning and the whole process of homeschooling. I get to see Alyson on a weekly basis as she is my massage therapyst. She inspires me about homeschooling and has been a huge help deciding what educational path I think we will be taking with Bug down the road.
8. Jenny's Blog: Tater Tot March- Jenny is my sister and started her blog up recently. I love the posts that she shares of her twin boys (my cutest nephews) and some of the other funny things that happen to her during the day. She is also a new Stay at Home Mommy learning how much work taking care of twin boys every day all day long can be, but loving it at the same time.
9. MaryRuth's Blog: Team Franks- MaryRuth blogs about her church calling, her favorite recipes, her job, scrapbooking, and the most recent wonderful news on becoming pregnant. We met on a scrapbooking website back in 2002 and found out that we lived in the same town, and became close friends. Both of us going through infertility brought is even closer. When I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of this year I was worried how to tell MaryRuth, but to my surprise she had happy news to share with me too. We are both finally pregnant and even though she lives in Texas now, we still stay in touch.
10. Kristen's Blog: Snips Snails and Pigtails-Kristen blogs about the adoption process of her foster to adopt daughter. She was born a few months before Bug was and had her from birth. Their situation was a very long process, and it was a very emotional roller coaster ride. I forget how I found her blog but I have been blessed to read her posts. When her daughter's adoption became finalized in either January or February, I cried! I remembered the day when we finally adopted our Son and how special it was and knew that her family was on cloud nine! Her daughter is the cutest little princess ever!

So there are my nominees for this award. I hope you go visit each of their blogs if you have not done so already.

Thanks again Brenda for the award! It is my first of many more I hope!

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Andrea said...

wow- thanks.
I'll have to check out all the other blogs too. Sounds like some good ones.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are so welcome. How are you feeling? April is so miserable. I can't tell where her boobs and tummy start It is all one big swole up place hehe.She was contracting 10 min apart,but never got closer yesterday. they baby's head is right there he said and she is thinned.She is supposed to graduate next Thursday. I kinda hope he holds on,but we are so ready as I know you are.

Jennie said...

thanks so much! how fun! i will pass on the tradition!

thanks again!

MaryRuth said...

thanks! I'll have to work on this!!

The Girls and Dad B. said...

Hey thanks for the award! :) You are a great friend and I too feel like we have sooooooooo much in common. About passing this on, I'll do my best, but it seems like it is a lot of work and I am not one for liking a lot of work!!! hehehe But thanks, you're awesome!

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