Monday, July 14, 2008

OT Evaluation

Today Bug has an Occupational Therapy Evaluation with a new therapist at a new facility.

I pulled him from the one he was attend for the past year and a half about two months ago because I was not seeing any improvement. He was dreading going and I was exhausted dealing with his tantrums.

Since he has not been going I have seen some improvement with his behavior and some of his fine motor skills. I have been trying to help him work on his pre-writing skills (since he knows all his letters, numbers, shapes, and is reading 1 grade level books) and it has been slow progress up until my sister gave him a little work book she bought for him when she came to visit. It is the BEST book ever!!!

link for product here

I pulled the book apart, and put each page in sheet protectors and bought some new dry erase markers for him to use on the mazes, and tracing sections, and put them all into a binder. First we went through the binder and used just our index finger to trace each maze and other activities and then I the next day I gave him the dry erase marker and let him give it a try. I was amazed how he did it. He was more successful then he has ever been. The pictures and colors on each page keep his attention and he is really enjoying himself.

The part that was so amazing to me was when Bryan was wiping down the pages to clean them off and came across the pages that had circles, U shapes, up and down lines, and diagonal lines all about the size of letters, and Bug had filled them in as well, and he did a really, really good job. Not totally perfect but REALLY Close!!! I had no idea he understood what to do on the pages. You could tell he was really concentrating when he had worked on those pages. COOOOOOL! The light bulb has finally gone off!!!! YEAH! I am a proud MAMA!

So I am hoping that the OT evaluation goes well today, and that this new therapist doesn't see much need to have sessions, but if they do recommend then I hope we see even more improvement, and it doesn't become a waist of time. If he needs to do this to help him I want it to work. I am going to be pretty busy with Lady Bug and driving to sessions for him to just play and not improve just doesn't sound like fun for me. That is what was going on at the old place.

So here is hoping he is doing better, but also if he needs help that they really do help him, and we see improvement.

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jennbecc said...

Glad the book I gave Bug is such a hit and what a good idea to put it into page protectors and use dry erase markers! I got it at Wal-mart....they had lots to choose from. :)
Love ya,

Christensen family said...

He is a smart little brute! Not surprising to me at all!!! He has a GREAT mom to help him along.

Kristen said...

That's great and what a cool idea! I've got a similar book for Princess but ours is a Kumon workbook.

I had never thought to put them into page protectors!! I definately need to try that. You're so awesome.


Becky said...

All I have to say is - you are such a good mommy!

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