Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Plans Updated

I went to pick up the girl that I was a mentor for a few years back, and we had a blast today.

Bryan had the day off and we all headed out to the weekly playdate that my church does. We were planning on going to a new park that reportedly had a splash pad. Bug was dressed in his swim suit and was excited to get wet. But when we arrived (30 minutes late) the splash pad was not working, and it was HOT!!!

Only one other family was there, and I stayed to talk a little bit but it was just to HOT for me. So we headed out to the County's new Swim/Splash Park.

Bug had a blast!!! I was a bit nervous since he is only 37 inches tall (3 feet 1 inch) and he kept wanting to go to the 3 feet area. He had no fear!!! At one point he climbed out of the 2 feet 6 inch area and walked over and slid right into the 3 feet lazy river. Bryan luckily was right there, and jumped in after him, and the life guard was right there too, but it still was scary for me.

Here are some of the cute pictures that I got with my new camera!

The girl in the white shirt is the girl I was a mentor for. Bug really enjoyed playing with her, and Daddy!!! Bug loved the water slide. He kept saying, "Let's DO IT AGAIN!!!" over and over and over. He was crazy!!!!

Bryan actually gave me a new camera today. My early "Push Present" he called it for when I go into labor and deliver Lady Bug. I am glad that I got the camera so that I know we will have pictures of her when she is born. My other camera was DRIVING ME CRAZY and I really have been not having fun. The battery would not hold a charge. The camera was 8 years old, so I guess I can see I needed a new one. I am learning how this camera works. It has been fun.

4 jittering comments:

Anonymous said...

What fun. I bet you wished you were laying right in the middle of that cool water. my hubby said when I was prego I was like a hippo..lol not being mean I just soaked all the time.

Renee' said...

Pics look great. Great idea for Bryan to give you the "push present" early. It helps alleviate the nerves about will the other camera work. You want good pics of ladybug when she's finally here.

jennbecc said...

That pool looks like fun! Especially the slide! I'll be sure to bring the boys suits in September!

Congrats on the new camera! What did you get?? :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are always out having so much fun I feel like a stick in the mud, never do anything fun. I'm glad to hear you liked your push present. I know Bryan was debating about when to give it to you. The pics you took look great, nice and crisp.


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