Wednesday, August 06, 2008

37 weeks and 5 days

Had my weekly Dr. Appointment today. In fact today was going to be a very busy day for me. Right after my appointment I had to meet up with the Activity Days Leader at her house for an activity to the Temple for a nice picnic on the grounds. My Dr. Appointment was at 10:15am. I got there and was seen right away, witch was really nice.

I am measuring 38cm witch is good, did gain a few more pounds witch makes me sad, but maybe that is mostly baby at this point. *keeping my fingers crossed* Blood pressure was high though and my nurse thought it was because of the way I have been feeling from that Antibiotic medication. Just added stress that is all. Dr. Hilton came in and talked with me briefly and asked me if I was feeling Lady Bug moving around, and I stopped and thought, "Hey, I have not felt her moving around. Not last night, and not this morning." He asked me if I had breakfast yet this morning and I said yes. Then he said he wanted to send me over to Labor and Delivery to have some Fetal Monitoring done, to make sure she was OK.

So I quickly called my partner with Activity Day Girls and left her a message that I was not sure if I was going to make it but that I would call her right away. I headed up to Labor and Delivery and checked in and found out that the testing usually takes 2 hours. I called my partner again and told her that I would not make it, and then I called Bryan and told him what was going on.

I then got strapped up to some monitors to listen to Lady Bug's Heart Beat. Several nurses came in and out asking me questions and checking the stats, and thankfully after being there for almost an hour and 45 minutes Lady Bug's Heart Beat fluctuate 3 times in a 10 minute time span, witch is a GREAT Sign!!! So they released me and said to call my Dr. if I didn't feel her moving the rest of the day.

On the way home I ate my picnic lunch and by the time I got home she was wiggling pretty good. I have felt her on and off for the past two hours so I am relieved. I have to admit, I was not worried about it much until my Dr. wanted to do that Monitoring, then I kind of got freaked out. I was so relieved when the nurse came in and said they had just got 3 heart beat spikes. I wanted to cry. So now I am trying to relax and be happy knowing that she is OK, and there really is nothing to worry about.
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Renee' said...

So relieved to hear that Lady Bug is good! Just a little longer to go. So did they ck you today? Are you efaced or dialated yet?

Stephani said...

Wow, what a roller coaster of a day! I am so glad everything is alright...
On another note, you are getting so close now huh? Exciting!!!

MaryRuth said...

I'm SOOO glad everything is ok... I was so stressed reading your post that you were going to say somehting bad had happend. Big sigh of relief.

I stress all the time about it... I drive Joey crazy by asking him all the time if he thinks the baby is ok.

Glad everything is good! You're so close now!!

Andrea said...

I gained weight my last few weeks. It's all baby. haha.
Glad all is ok, but sad you had to miss the picnic.
I could never feel my 2nd baby move. The 1st was all over the place. So I was always being sent for those tests.

jennbecc said...

Phew! Glad everything is ok. I had to have those every week and it was misserable because the boys would move and one would always get lost or mixed up. Zack was always very still and they would come in and put this noisy clicky thing on my belly to try to get him to jump. They'd also give me lots of juice and candy to see if the sugar would get them both moving more....yuck! Anyway, so glad everything is ok! And look! You've officially been pregnant longer than I was. :) HeeHee! I made it to exactly 37 weeks!

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